Two Songs

by Human After All

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released October 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Human After All Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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Track Name: Pretending it Never Happened (Ft. Armon Salamati)
I've wasted away because I went too far in the fast lane
Couldn't even pay the rent she taste so sweet I could just forget the overall person that I should be,not just something for her to leave

Was I wrong for giving in?
If she gets a call from me the next day
I'll taste those lips again

Think I'm missing a fairy tale at least that's just what's in my head
All I've wrote are petty chapters to stories that I'll never finish
All the nights just blurred together
And made a me you should never see
At a time I knew defeat

I could be worth more than the space on a bar seat
But I ease the void that's oh so lonely
With a love only she can show me

She's a poison in my head.
Worshipping all my failures.
Breaking down every part of who I was,who I could have been.
I'll dig real deep and spend it all.
Just to get that final drop.
One last drop,one last taste.

And I'm not ready to lose her yet,and I don't think I ever will be. I love her so,even though shell be the death of me.
She'll be the death of me.

They said your no good for me I didn't wanna believe them
Track Name: Resolve
Our conversations never see,never see resolve.

I spend all my nights alone.
The tumblers from the tables to my lips are the only moves I'm making.
Unpaid bills like our conversation,never see resolve.

I get that you have to hate me to walk away. But I hope someday you don't still believe.
I'm the beast you made me,in your head.

You took an end of the thread when you walked away.
What started out spinning,now fucking unraveling.
Extending my reach I split my scars.
Just as it seems theres nothing left of me.
There's nothing left,nothing left of me.

You took the your dagger from my back.
Then you walked away.
Now there's nothing left of me.
Now there's nothing left.

I get that you have to hate me

I know you have to hate me

But I hope someday you don't still believe.

Still believe that I'm the beast you made me,in your head.

And i know some day you won't.